Small Business & Industries Served

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We are a Tax Preparation & Certified Public Accounting Firm. We offer a broad range of tax preparation and business accounting services for individuals, business owners, executives, and independent professionals. We are affordable, experienced, and friendly. We are available year-round and our capabilities include cloud-based online & virtual client services. Not to be conclusive but we can provide experienced tax and accounting services for the small businesses listed below. 

Hair Nail Salons, Spas, Barber & Personal Care
We provide Tax and Accounting services to Hair Nail Salons, Spas, Barber & Personal Care companies
Construction and Tradesmen
If you a tradesmen or operate a construction management firms, or are a general contractor, subcontractor, residential developer, or own a business in the construction-related trades, you need an accounting firm that understands the business.
Dentists & Dental Field
From keeping up with the latest dental techniques to hiring employees and payroll and tax compliance, managing a dental practice is more complicated than ever. With our accounting services for dental practices, you'll have more time to focus on your patients
Healthcare & Medical Field
Our specialized knowledge of the healthcare industry can help medical practices thrive, and we're ready to help you. Why not let us take care of your healthcare accounting needs so you can focus on taking care of your patients.
Hospitality, Restaurants, Bars & Nightclubs
We can provide the specialized tax and accounting services required for business owners in the hospitality industry.
Law Firms & Legal Related Field
We can help law firms and legal related companies with their tax and accounting needs as well as help them achieve financial success.
Other Service & Trade Related Business Owners
We provide tax and accounting services to the various other service and trades related small business owners.
Property Owners & Real Estate Professionals
Our specialized knowledge of the real estate industry can help Landlords, Property Owners, Property Managers and Real Estate Professionals thrive.