Expert Professional Tax Representation: We can Help Resolve your IRS issues

When you have a tax problem, you need to take action, and you can count on us to do it. For issues big and small, you can get personalized help from an expert Tax Pro to work with the IRS for you.

Do You Have a Tax Problem ? We Provide Representation for Tax Problem & Tax Resolution Services. We Provide a Free Consultation and Price Quote. We Specialize in Tax Resolution and Are Your Local Philly Metro Area Experts.

Before you call one of the large advertisers claiming to solve your problems for pennies on the dollar, take the time to talk to a local trusted advisor.

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We are Tax Services Professionals. Our Tax Services Expertise includes Representing Clients before the IRS and State/City/Local Tax Authorities at all administrative levels (Collections, Audits, Appeals) for Tax Audits, Tax Problem and or Tax Debt Resolution services. 

We’re a qualified, licensed representatives that know the appropriate procedures to help you with your tax issues. We know the ins and outs of working with taxing authorities.

How We Represent and Can Assist Individuals and Small Businesses:

A CPA Certified Public Accountant and or EA Enrolled Agent is a person who has the practice privilege and authority of representing taxpayers with the required knowledge and skills to properly assist you before the Internal Revenue Service or other Tax Authority.

As Your Representative we handle your tax debt or tax problem so you don't have to...

  • We will work directly with the IRS on your behalf
  • We will keep you updated throughout the process
  • We handle all types of tax problems and debt – any size, from simple to complex
  • If its an IRS Audit we represent taxpayers during an IRS Tax Audit

We will take immediate action to help address your tax problems or tax debt...

  • Get a break from IRS threatening notices and letters
  • Take immediate action to suspend collection activities
  • Request a hold on active wage garnishments and bank levies

We will find a resolution plan and negotiate on your behalf...

  • You will have a dedicated Tax Rep who will act fast to help
  • We will request a hold on all colleciton activities to help protect assets.
  • We will prepare and submit your resolution package
  • If it is an IRS Audit we well defend your case as best as possible.
  • We will work on your behalf to get you the best possible outsome.

Our service promise to our clients

We treat every client with compassion and caring concern for their best interest. We always are upfront about our fees, our process, procedures, and will always return your calls. Most importantly, once we begin working together we promise always to represent and defend your rights.


A CPA Certified Public Accountant and or EA Enrolled Agent is a person who has the practice privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service or other Tax Authority.


Tax Problems & IRS Payment Plans

Tax & Audit Representation

Innocent | Injured Spouse

Offers in Compromise 

Penalty Reduction
Currently Not Collectible
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We’re a qualified, licensed representative that knows the appropriate procedures to help you with your tax issues. We know the ins and outs of working with taxing authorities. NAPOLI TAX OFFICE specializes in multiple IRS debt reduction programs to make your tax resolution as smooth as possible.

We pride ourselves on discrete and affordable tax resolution for individuals and businesses. We will put an end to the misery that comes from IRS tax problems and get you the peace of mind you deserve. Our methods are timely and affordable, so Contact us Today!

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Expert Professional Tax Representation: We can Help Resolve your IRS issues

Tax Representation, Common Tax Problems and Terms | IRS Audits & Tax Notices

Tax Representation, Common Tax Problems and Terms: These are BELOW IN BLACK

IRS Audits and Tax Notices  | Back Taxes and Tax Debt

Delinquent Tax Returns | Unfiled Back Returns

Tax returns filed after the tax deadline for a particular tax year. Usually, the IRS requires that you file delinquent tax returns for the past six years.

What is Tax Debt ?

When you forget to pay or file your taxes, there is a mistake on your taxes, or the IRS wants to change your taxes, and the IRS says you owe money as a result, you’ve incurred tax debt. However you accrued the debt, it’s your job to make sure it’s paid off or gets settled.

How can I settle my Tax Debt? If you cannot pay your tax debt in full there are many tax relief options that taxpayers can qualify for based on their financial situation and hardships. Four of the most common resolution options are: Fresh Start Installment Agreement, Partial Payment Installment Agreement, an Offer in Compromise, and Currently Not Collectable.

Offer in Compromise

An agreement with the IRS to pay less than what is owed, because a taxpayer cannot pay the full amount due to financial hardship.  Offer in Compromise is a settlement you may qualify for as it relates to your IRS or State liability. There are three types of offers in compromise: Doubt as to Collectible Offer In Compromise – This offer will be based on your ability to pay a monthly fee. There will also be concerns in calculation of your liquidity in assets. NAPOLI TAX OFFICE knows many clients who unfortunately offer the IRS a flat settlement amount without regard to their income,expenses or equity in assets. Contact us to see if you qualify for an offer in compromise. Effective Tax Administration – This offer is based on hardships. The IRS still requires you fill out a full 433-A, however, we will argue that while the client has the ability to pay in full, doing so would burden the taxpayer. The ETA offers are rare and again circumstantial evidence, health concerns, or the age of the taxpayer are some of the factors to be considered when applying for this offer. Doubt as to Liability – Have you been assessed by the IRS wrongfully? Has there been an assertion that a liability someone else is responsible for has been given to you? The Doubt as to Liability Offer is based on fact versus financial status. If you feel you were wrongfully asserted, please contact NAPOLI TAX OFFICE today to see if you qualify.

Installment Agreement

If a taxpayer is unable to pay their tax due immediately, the IRS may allow the taxpayer to make monthly payments through what is known as an installment agreement, or “IA.” For most taxpayers, this is the most realistic option for settling a tax debt that cannot be paid in full. There are three basic types of IAs, which have varying requirements. Streamlined installment agreement The streamlined installment agreement allows a taxpayer with less than $25,000 of debt to pay their tax debt over the course of 72 months. Staggered installment agreement The staggered installment agreement has all of the same benefits and requirements as the streamlined installment agreement. The only difference is the added benefit of starting out with a lower monthly payment, which then would step up to a higher payment after a certain amount of time, usually 1 year. Fresh Start installment agreement The Fresh Start installment agreement is an IRS initiative launched several years ago in order to help taxpayers whom do not qualify for the normal streamlined IA due to a balance in excess of $25,000. Contact Napoli Tax Office to find out if an IA is right for you. 

Currently Not Collectible | CSED

Currently Not Collectible status is applied to taxpayers when the IRS temporarily suspends levies, threatening letters and collection enforcement until your current financial situation improves.

Collection Statute Expiration Date know as CSED is the date on which the IRS has to forgo any future collection of taxpayer’s unpaid debt, 10 years from when the debt|penalty was assessed.

Penalty Abatements

The IRS or State may reduce the overall liability you owe by way of a penalty reduction or “abatement”. There are several reasons why people may qualify for an abatement of which are as follows; death in the family, sickness in the family, absence from work, unable to work, natural disaster, wrong advice from a competent tax advisor, wrong advice from IRS personnel, etc. As your tax resolution representation, NAPOLI TAX OFFICE will look into every reasonable cause you may have fallen behind both personally and through your business. Don’t be fooled by promises to abate interest and penalty. The IRS and State will review serious requests and so will we. We have an array of options concerning how to go about requesting a reduction in penalties. Contact us for assistance.

First Time Penalty Abatement: An abatement or reduction of tax-related penalties for one tax period, for taxpayers who have incurred tax debt for the first time. If any penalties are reduced, the related interest associated with the penalties is also reduced.

Reasonable Cause Penalty Abatement: Relief from tax penalties due to reasonable cause or hardship during the time the penalties were accrued. If any penalties are reduced, the related interest associated with the penalties is also reduced.

IRS penalties for underpayment: If you didn’t pay your taxes, or if something went wrong with your return, you may have outstanding tax debt. There are two types of underpayment penalties. The first happens with the filing of your tax return because you did not prepay enough taxes through withholding or estimated tax payments This penalty is calculated by multiplying the quarterly underpayment amount by the federal treasury rate for that quarter.The second, and largest, type of underpayment penalty occurs when you don’t pay your taxes by the due date of your tax return. This penalty increases each month until the tax debt is paid. The penalty can be as much as 25 percent of the taxes owed, and is part of the monthly amount that is subject to interest and compounded. The IRS can take your tax refund each year to help reduce the amount owed. The IRS can issue claims on your property and/or assets, or even take money directly from your paycheck.

Innocent Spouse | Injured Spouse Relief

Innocent spouce: Many married taxpayers choose to file joint tax returns due to certain benefits this filing status allows. When filing jointly, both taxpayers are jointly and severally liable for the tax and any additions to tax, interest, or penalties that arise from the joint return even if they later divorce. Joint and several liability means that each taxpayer is legally responsible for the entire liability. Thus, both spouses on a married filing jointly return are generally held responsible for all the taxes due, even if one spouse earned all the income or claimed improper deductions or credits. This is also true even if a divorce decree states that a former spouse will be responsible for any amounts due on previously filed joint returns. In some cases, however, a spouse can get relief from joint and several liability. Let our office guide you through your best options for this tax resolution.

Innocent spouse – Someone whose spouse or former spouse has made an error on their jointly filed return, who feels their spouse should be financially responsible for the debt. A request to relieve you of responsibility for paying tax, interest, and penalties if your current or former spouse improperly reported items or omitted items on your joint tax return.

Injured spouse – Someone whose spouse has past-due tax debt, who feels their spouse should be wholly financially responsible for this debt. A request to get back your part of a tax refund from a joint tax return in cases where the IRS has applied the refund to a tax debt, or other eligible debt, owed by your spouse but not by you.

Audit Representation

Tax audit representation, also called audit defense, is a service in which a tax or legal professional stands in on behalf of you, the taxpayer during an IRS or state income tax audit. During an income tax audit or examination, the IRS and all states allow the taxpayer to have an authorized representative. That representative must have permission to practice before the IRS or state, and specific credentials are required. As a licensed tax representative, NAPOLI TAX OFFICE develops a strategy to defend your position. We will assist you in preparing all documents requested by the taxing authority, attend all meetings and handle correspondence on your behalf. Contact us to find out more…

Tax Levy Release | Wage Garnishment

When the IRS issues a notice that it intends to levy and seize your assets you have 30 days to challenge the levy. You need to attempt tax resolution or pay the amount due. If you cannot pay the tax debt in full before the IRS is scheduled to seize your assets, you may be able to remove the levy anyway with proper tax resolution by setting up an installment plan with the IRS or by making other arrangements. But the best course of action is to work out a mutually agreeable solution with the IRS – and avoid the levy altogether. If your tax problem is too complex, you don’t have to go it alone. Contact us we can help you.

Wage Garnishment: An IRS wage garnishment is part of the IRS levy process and permitted by the Internal Revenue Code. When a taxpayer ignores the IRS notices about taxes owed, the IRS can levy property included wages. The levy notice is sent to the employer and monies are withheld from the taxpayer’s paycheck and sent directly to the IRS. A federal tax levy must leave the taxpayer with some income for living expenses, many state’s tax levies do not.


Tax Lien Removal

The IRS is far from perfect, and does make mistakes. There are a few perfectly legitimate ways to remove a tax lien if you know where to start. A lien can be removed with tax resolution on appeal if:

  • The tax debt has already been paid in full.
  • The lien was filed in error.
  • The lien was filed in error and the IRS made a processing error with your return.
  • The IRS did not follow proper procedures.
  • You were going through bankruptcy when the lien was filed.
  • You weren’t given a chance to dispute the amount assessed by the IRS.
  • You wish to make spousal defenses by claiming that your spouse should be liable for the lien.
  • You want to discuss collection options, like through the Fresh Start Initiative.
  • The statute of limitations of 10 years on collecting the tax debt has passed.
  • On the notice of the lien, you are given the option to request a Collection Due Process hearing with the Office of Appeals. This request for an appeal must be made within 30 days after the fifth day of the lien being filed, or by the date indicated on the notice.

NAPOLI TAX OFFICE can deal with the IRS and provide assistance with filing an appeal, or requesting a lien withdrawal.

Trust Fund Recovery | Payroll Tax Problems

When you are running your business, it’s not uncommon for things to fall through the cracks. Unfortunately, employment taxes are often one of those things. If you’ve failed to pay employment taxes when they are due, you are at high risk for a Trust Fund Recovery PenaltyTFRP involves the collection of employment taxes by the IRS from the owners of a business that’s failed to pay employment taxes. This penalty allows the government to reach parties otherwise shielded from tax liability. If penalized, you should begin taking action immediately because The IRS views failing to pay payroll taxes as the cardinal sin of tax delinquency since a large portion of the payroll taxes are your employees’ withholdings. Not paying your company’s payroll taxes is tantamount to stealing your employees’ money in the eyes of the IRS. As a result, penalties for failing to pay your payroll taxes and filing your payroll tax returns on time are much more severe than other types of penalties. They can drastically multiply the amount you owe in a very short time. If you are behind on paying payroll taxes for your company, WATCH OUT!!! The IRS is extremely aggressive pursuing collection of this type of tax. If you are behind on your payroll taxes, DO NOT meet with the IRS on your own. How you answer their initial questions COULD determine whether you stay in business or not. It is critical you hire a Tax Representative who knows how the IRS operates. NAPOLI TAX OFFICE can help get your business out of this sticky situation. Contact us to discuss this penalty further…


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