Get Expert Tax Preparation Services From a Tax Professional Remotely at Home without going into our Office. Our Virtual Tax Prep Method does not require an appointment. Get your Taxes Done Right! Get Starting Online Now!

FILE WITH A CPA TAX PRO: Meet virtually by phone or video. File your taxes online from your smartphone or computer. Gather your docs and let your tax professional do the rest. Just review and approve your tax return. Easy, convenient, affordable and fast!


The Tax Professional that will be preparing your tax returns is either a [CPA] Certified Public Accountant or an [EA] Enrolled Agent.

Tax support tailored to your needs

Tax season doesn’t have to be stressful when you work with our office. Our filing process offers a seamless digital experience—from gathering your tax documents to filing your return electronically.
  •  Personalized—Because every client is different, we examine appropriate deductions and consider your unique situation to help minimize your tax burden.
  •  Convenient— From initial collection of tax documents to filing, we provide a seamless digital experience.
  •  Year-round support—We are available throughout the year to help you make smart tax decisions and put a sound, strategic tax plan in place.
Tax Professional Expertise | Individual and Small Business Tax Preparation Services:
Why Hire and work year after year with a Tax Professional ?

Today’s tax laws are complicated.  Whether you’re preparing the return for your business or filing individual taxes, IRS compliance can be overwhelming.  With so many important details to consider, it’s easy to make an error or omit something which could end up as a penalty, fine, or unwanted problem with the IRS.

We provide both individual and small businesses tax preparation and tax planning services while always remaining compliant with the continuously changing tax laws and regulations. We are therefore able to offer comprehensive tax services and can work with you to plan ahead to maximize appropriate deductions and credit opportunities that go beyond just tax preparation.

Tax Preparation Services

Here’s what we can do for you:

    • Prepare accurate tax returns that are filed on time
    • Calculate estimated taxes for self-employed small business owners
    • Develop tax planning strategies that reflect individual or business financial goals
    • Electronic filing and direct deposit for a faster tax refund
    • File Extensions and calculate estimated tax to avoid interest and penalties
    • If your Books are a mess we can help!
Why Napoli Tax Office ?

WE MAKE IT EASY.  We do the work so you don’t have to worry. Open late and weekends, no appointment necessary.

WE WORK FOR YOU.  We are not tax machines. We are real Tax Pros who are happy to answer all of your questions and are reachable year-round to assist you.

WE KNOW OUR STUFF. We File your Taxes Right! Get you 100% Accuracy and or we fix it! Maximum Refund Guaranteed.

Our Individual & Small Businesses Tax Services

Individual Tax Preparation
As your Tax Professional, we evaluate your individual tax situation and guide you through any tax challenges that develop. Our goal is to minimize your tax liability so that you can keep more of your hard-earned money.

Tax Preparation for Businesses
It is important to develop a relationship with a tax preparation firm that understands how your business works. As your trusted advisor, we make sure you stay on top of your tax obligations and avoid penalties and fees that reduce your profitability.

Estate & Trust Tax Services
Preparing income tax returns for trusts and estates can be complex and confusing. We prepare as well as are experienced with trust and estate administration, including the tax and accounting issues unique to trusts and estates.

Tax Planning
There is more to preparing your taxes than simply filling out forms at tax time. It’s also about understanding our clients’ needs and helping them plan for a secure future.


Upfront Transparent Pricing: Our Default Tax Prep Process is our Virtual Full Service Tax Prep Method (No Appointment Needed).  [*] Pricing Above is for Personal Tax Preparation. Detailed pricing info and packages provided below. All pricing represented here is general starting rate pricing. Additional forms, schedules, line items and or time required for preparation are subject to additional costs. 

General Pricing For Personal and Business Tax Preparation:

Personal Returns Starting Rates (inclusive Package of Federal, State and Local/City):
Fed, State & Local Prep  Not Itemized:  $200
Fed, State & Local Prep  Itemized Sch A  $285
Each additional State Return:  $45

Self-Employment Sch C:   $160
Rental Property Sch E   $ 130
Phila BIRT and NPT:     $ 85

Estate & Trust Returns Starting Rates (inclusive of Federal and State):
Federal and State Return Prep: $485 – $800

Business Tax Returns Starting Rates (inclusive of Federal and State):
Federal and State Return Prep: $485 – $850

TAX PREP ESTIMATE: Prior to Starting any work Clients are provided a Tax Prep Estimate after we review their situation.The Estimate must be accepted before work can begin.

New or Returning Clients: Get Started Online Right Now!
Prices above are starting rates: Additional forms, extra time, additional calculations, and bookkeeping can lead to additional charges. We provide included no-charge E-Filling, Protection Plus Audit Assistance and Tax Refund Solutions.

Below is  the Actual View Inside of Your Client Portal Including Features and Tabs: This is an actual view of what it looks like inside your personal Client Portal. Its easy to use and includes all the features you need including checklist, questionnaire, return electronic-signing and invoice payment tabs. There is a Files Tab for tax or accounting documents sent from us and or documents you uploaded to us.

Virtual Tax Preparation Process:  Tax Prep Made Easy! We have a convenient Client-Friendly Tax Preparation process for providing tax prep services that fits the schedule and needs you require. We are a Phone/Video Call, Text or Email message away from you during the entire process from intake, preparation and until final completion, review, e-signing and e-filing your tax returns with the tax authorities. PDF copes of your tax returns are provided to you for your records.


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